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3 Balloon Bouquet, including weight


5 Balloon Bouquet, including weight


7 Balloon Bouquet, including weight


3 Foil Balloon Bouquet, including weight

From 12

3 Balloon Double Bubble Bouquet, including weight


Air walkers - Mickey and Minnie Mouse etc

From 25.00 each

'String of Pearls' single line arch

From 60.00 or 80.00 if linked to a mini column ...

Framed Arch's - Great for Entrance Ways and to frame Dance Floors

Prices From 65.00 for a cake table and 150.00 ...

Pair of 3ft large printed Balloons hung from organza and filled with heart shaped confetti - Ideal for entrances or marking out dance floors and can be popped when ready, releasing the contents!

50.00 per pair

Columns of Balloons topped off with a 3ft 'Huge' Balloon filled with 100 mini balloons! Can be popped with a wand to release the mini balloons. Great for marking out a dance floor - Great Fun!

140.00 per column topped with Exploding Balloon ...

3ft 'Exploding Balloon' filled with 80 mini ballooons, hung from the ceiling and can be popped using a wand to release the mini balloons.


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