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Balloons for your Business, Special Event or Celebration

Valentines Day Event

Party from a Box offers a balloon decoration service for any Party or celebration. You can choose from a wide variety of colours and designs and have them arranged in any way you choose. I can simply add a few bouquets to the centre of each table or fill the room with lots of different arrangements to create a stunning appearance on entering. Balloons alter the whole dynamics of a room and have the ability to draw the eye upwards and really lift the atmosphere - what a powerful product!!

I have lots of ideas and interesting ways to create the desired effect, including filling balloons with confetti which makes a fabulous photo opportunity when the balloon is popped. Putting a smaller balloon inside a larger transparent balloon gives a completely different look to the display and I can fill huge 3ft balloons with confetti or mini balloons and attach it to tulle instead of ribbon for a more decadent and luxurious look, these are great for entrances or marking out a dance floor or special area.

For a really dramatic effect try a column of balloons in a spiral of colours with a huge balloon on the top with a light in it! The possibilities are endless.

I also supply lots of exciting extras to put on the table including champagne bubbles, confetti cannons, t-light holders, foil confetti and mini air filled balloons scattered around the table, all of which add a little extra.

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